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Children starting education

Generally education goes through three phases; primary, secondary and tertiary education. The Australian education system is considered to be one of the best in the world and provides students with a sound learning foundation through their growing years.


Pre school in Australia is relatively unregulated, not compulsory and is offered to three to five year olds. School is compulsory between the ages six and fifteen depending on the state and date of birth. Government schools offer free education with private schools (religious and secular) charging an associated cost. The education of your children is a life long journey and planning for this journey is absolutely essential.


Things to consider


Budget for the expenses. From early childhood through to University, enabling your child with the appropriate level of education will cost you money. Depending on your preference for the type of school and location, there are expenses to consider and budget for so that you have no surprises. Remember once they begin the education journey, it's not just school that you have to worry about. Children also need learning stimulation through sports and extra curricular activities. You should account for these when working through the budget for your children's education.


Research schools. From pre school, primary, secondary, to University, it's important to research and understand the overall education standards and offers that you are considering. Some pre schools have just play school activities whilst the others have educational programs in place. The number of students in each class through school years can vary based on whether you choose government or private schools. If your child needs a little extra care and attention, you may wish to consider a school that as greater focus on each student. If your child has particular interest in sport or study, you may wish to focus on schools that have greater strength in the training of that sport or that path of study. So, it's important that whatever the age, you research the education provider to ensure there is an alignment to your child's needs.


Consider any special needs. Another important consideration is if your child requires physical or learning assistance. You may wish to consider the support available through the schools you are considering. It's important that your child receives the ultimate opportunity to excel in their learning and is not hindered by lack of support towards special needs.


Gather enrolment information. Understand the process of application with the schools you would like your children to attend. You may be surprised at how early you need to apply in order to secure a position in some schools. There may also be multiple stages to the interview process (such as the need for recommendations) so it's best to understand all the requirements in advance to allow maximum preparation time.

Get involved. Get involved in the school activities. It's important to play a role in your child's education. Being present and aware of how they are performing and interacting in school will help them build confidence and feel secure particularly at a younger age. Be prepared to also support them through things like homework and other extra curricular activities.


Some helpful resources


The Australian Government website provides a wealth of knowledge around education and training with information around education at every stage of


Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. This page provides links to further information for parents and community including links to the individual State and Territory Departments of


My Child is an online portal about children health, early childhood learning, parenting support and child care


The Australian Government website offers a number of links around topics of interest for


The Course Finder on the Going to Uni website is a searchable online resource for courses offered by Australian universities and higher education

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