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Getting Married

Your wedding will be your big day and one of the important events in your life. Be it a small gathering or a large ceremony, it's a big commitment in both you and your partner's life.


It may be one of the first big expenses you experience as a couple and it's important that you plan for this financial commitment and not forget your plans together for the future.


Be prepared and informed of things you need to plan and be aware of. Paying for the wedding is only the beginning. As a couple you will need to consider a lot of other matters such as income, debt, budgeting, taxes and protecting your assets and lifestyle to build a safe and secure future together.


It's never too early to start. Discussing your financial situation, investment goals and expectations will avoid problems and disappointments in the future. Financial issues are a major contributor to arguments and failed marriages in Australia. There are a number of steps you can take to plan and build a strong foundation financially. We look forward to sharing a lifelong journey and adding value to your financial wellbeing.


Things to consider


Share your plans for the future. Before getting married, it's important to discuss your hopes for your future with your partner. Do you want children? What's the ideal living situation? Is it important to buy a home together and if so, how soon? Do you hope to travel? Should you invest in property or shares or both? It's important to have these conversations early to avoid any undue stress arising later on.


Consider your financial circumstances. Marriage is a union of happiness and dreams but it is also a union of financial matters. You share assets and debts alike and it's important to come to an agreement on how you would like to manage your finances. Also ask yourself if your current financial situation supports all your plans for the future and plan ahead to make sure you're on track right from the beginning.


Don't fret the little things. Getting married is seen as one of the most stressful events that you will experience in your life. But don't forget to remember the most important thing, the love and respect you have for each other. You may come across quite a few situations where you may disagree with family and your in laws but don't let the stress affect you too much. Take time to plan your future together to avoid as many stressful situations as possible.


Attend to the legal requirements. Once you decide to marry, you must submit a Notice of Intended Marriage form to a marriage celebrant or minister advising of your intention to marry. This is a legal requirement and based on the state laws, there may be fees and waiting periods that you need to be aware of. Be sure to check the laws within your state and organise the necessary details ahead of time to avoid any issues with your plans.


Planning the big day. Your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life so don't forget to have fun and enjoy the planning. Consider the best season for your ceremony, theme reception, location, the guests and the budget. You may even consider hiring a wedding planner to help take some of the stress out of the planning.


Some helpful resources


The Attorney General's Department will provide you with information on getting married in Australia with links to information around the legal obligations.


The Australian Government website provides you with some insights around marriage and provides you with links to official government websites for all the states in Australia.

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