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Income Protection

Throughout Australia, a very high number of people have insurance for their possessions - their cars, houses, boats and even their furniture. Income protection, however, protects the most important valuables - you, your family and your ability to earn income.

Be protected and be in control.

Your financial planner can give you a full list of available protection as well as any further information you may require on premiums. Protect yourself, your family and your future and enjoy peace of mind.

There are over two million people of working age in Australia with a disability potentially impacting on their ability to work. That's 13% of the population.*

Every working Australian has a one in three chance of becoming disabled for more than three months before reaching retirement age.

Workers compensation will only cover you for accidents or injuries that occur during work hours or for an illness that is a direct result of your employment.

These facts are real and so is the risk.

Kathryn was 38 and was working as a marketing manager when she broke her arm while playing volleyball. Her arm was placed in a full cast for two months, and during this time she was unable to drive, meet with clients or work effectively at the office.

Despite Kathryn having two weeks of holiday pay and two weeks of sick pay, she still had four weeks where she was without an income. With living expenses, medical bills, and her mortgage, Kathryn found herself to be greatly out of pocket. Although she had insured her car, house and furniture, Kathryn had failed to insure her most important valuable - her ability to earn income.

A financial planner could have provided Kathryn with a full suite of available protection to safeguard herself and her family from the consequences of being out of income for a number of weeks.

Most people have two remuneration options:

  • The standard remuneration position - 100% of income is received while you are well and able to work. When you're not able to work, you get 0% of your income.
  • The alternative remuneration position - you effectively receive around 98% of your income while you are well and able to work.


*Source: Zurich Financial Services Australia.