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Easy Budgeting

Ongoing reviews are vital to achieving your financial goals. They are the stepping stones that will ensure your financial strategy is customised, and on track, to achieving your lifestyle and financial goals.


An ongoing review service would likely include annual meetings to review your long-term financial position, access to your planner by telephone or email, newsletters during the year, various client seminars and priceless advice at the times you need it most.


How will the review process be of benefit to me?


The review process will enable:

  • changes to your family circumstances to be taken into account.
  • a report to you on investments.
  • announcements of any economic and legislative changes.
  • a report on the tracking of your portfolio to your strategy and objectives.
  • a review of performance.
  • a review of the suitability of structures.

These answers highlight some of the key benefits of regularly reviewing your financial strategy.


Dealing with changes


The financial world is always changing. Political, economic, legislative and social factors will continue to change long into the future. Ongoing reviews with a professional financial planner who understands and monitors these changes will assist in supervising and tailoring your financial schedule.


Case study


Charlotte and Craig were married for two years before they consulted a professional financial planner. With a baby on the way, the couple needed advice on budgeting and Craig's investments. Although it was suggested they be involved in an ongoing review service, Charlotte and Craig declined. They believed the advice offered would set them up for life.


Five years later their family had grown and Charlotte had permanently left the workforce. They also inherited money and gained equity in their home. In short, their circumstances had changed drastically and their plan no longer reflected this.


Had Charlotte and Craig been involved in the review process, their financial planner would have been able to offer them a report on Craig's investments, a tracking of his portfolio as well as any further advice they had needed.


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